Sunday, 26 September 2010

Movie Posters

A while back I posted some really cool film posters by Laz Marquez, which I thought were really inspirational. I really love films and over the years have seen some really great poster designs, and as I have recently been given the opportunity to write my own project, I've been doing more research into film posters, as I'd really like to have a go at them myself. I've posted a couple of examples below by Nick Tassone which utilise a minimalist style and a subtle cleverness that I love. I would definitely like to make some as good as these myself. Enjoy....

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fortitude Part 3

So, for the final swap for our summer project, I received this photograph which had been worked on by both Rebecca and Megan.

I think working with / adding to a photograph presented a new challenge, and I really didn't know how to approach it begin with. I ended up creating two different images, each incorporating the image in a different way.

I've posted my first image below. I didn't think there was much I could add to the model itself, but saw the white space around it as an opportunity to create something to frame the model. One of the problems I thought about a lot was the fact that anything I added to the photo was never going to blend in, it was always going to be on a different plane and look like a secondary addition. I decided to add some type from the original tapestry in the form of a paper cutting, and also including some pattern from the tapestry. Finally I overlaid the pattern from the mask into the paper cutting to make a connection with the photograph.

The second image I made is below. I was interested in working with the image of a lion myself, so instead of adding to the photograph like I had done previously I wanted to experiment with incorporating the photograph into my own image. I started by drawing out my design and the creating a stencil to try and get a crisp line. I then scanned it in and used the photograph to created the colour in the image. I then added a little bit of type at the bottom to satisfy my type addiction, seriously....

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Back from a few days in Prague, saw some interesting stuff, particularly some really beautiful buildings and architecture. I took a few snaps of things I liked, everyone loves a montage......