Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Fernando Leal

Fernando Leal is a London based illustrator and animator originally from Brazil. I came across his website a while ago, so I'm finally getting round to posting about him. I love his use of old lined paper and graph paper, that both create texture and pattern in his work as well as acting as a kind of guide to the shapes of his figures. I've posted some examples below, more of which can be found at his website. Happy viewing!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Fraser Davidson

I was sent a link to some videos by Fraser Davidson the other week, and his animations are so cool I thought I'd post one on here. He's done loads of other motion graphic based stuff which you can check out on his site, just give his name a click. The one below is a short section of an animation of a poem by comedian Tim Minchin. I really love the style of it, the kind of old flickery quality and the use of typography in the middle section. Have a butchers below.....

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Stolen Peace Album Cover

I did a competition brief to create an album cover for a Manchester band called Stolen Peace. It was a bit of an experiment with digital collage and hand drawing which I had fun doing. Ive posted my cover below with some colour alternatives and an extra couple of images that relate to a couple of the songs. Give 'em a click if you wanna inspect them Columbo style...

Jason Munn - The Small Stakes

I recently saw a book of music posters by Jason Munn entitled The Small Stakes, which is also the name of his design studio. It was full of page after page of really cool music posters, all were these kind of simple graphic style illustrations, utilising imagery and type together to create something eye catching. Many of the designs use imagery of one object to help create an image of another object...you'll see what I mean from the images below. I think they are really clever and he really has an eye for colour, often only using one or two different colours to create posters that are high impact. Love 'em...