Monday, 27 June 2011

Justin Van Genderen

I came across some cool posters recently, not realising they were by Justin Van Genderen whom I've posted about before (he created some excellent minimalist star wars posters). I found an image he did of Superman's Fortress of Solitude inspired by the film Superman II, and taking another look at his website I found even more great work. I particularly liked his vintage car ads which include cars from various films. I've posted both the Superman images and the car images below for you to take a look at. I absolutely love them.
Like the Star Wars posters I mentioned before, his Superman images (a set of three) are again confidently minimalist, created in just black and white. For the fortress one, the use of cross-hatched straight lines in varying shades of white and grey really capture the reflective nature of the ice fortress, and the use of just a small superman logo at the bottom of each image, resembling a seal or branding, completes the images and confirms that they are from Superman.
As for the car ads, I again love their simplicity, the use of texture, the colours chosen, and the nice typography and use of quotes added in at the bottom. Check 'em out below.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Whilst doing a bit of research and looking around for ideas for my personal project, I came across this really cool poster for a short film called 'Connected', made by Anders Baden Nielsen and Joaquim Marquès Nielsen from Barq studio in Denmark. I really love the old 60's/70's sci-fi poster feel of it; the strong illustration and use of limited colours, and the really nice use of customised type. Making the image of the people in just one colour (with various bits of shading) is something I don't think I would have thought of doing, but it works really well, especially as it helps emphasise the bright white tubes connecting the two figures. I really love these types of posters, and Joaquim Marquès Nielsen has posted a really excellent explanation of their working process from start to finish, over on his blog here. Definitely worth a read. I've posted said image below for you guys to get your peepers on, enjoy.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Christian Montenegro

I recently stumbled upon the website of illustrator Christian Montenegro and instantly loved his work. He is an Argentinian illustrator who's work spans many different outlets including books, editorial and advertising. Most of his work is created digitally, but the look of his work does vary as some includes a lot of pattern and textures, and other work is a lot more colourful with clean lines and no texture. His textured work has a look of traditional paintings and murals, even slightly religious perhaps, as if they are inspired by the type of old paintings found in churches. Other pieces of his work have a decidedly more digital look about them, with some pieces referencing old pixel based digital graphics. I really love all of his work, and like that he is able to work in different ways without losing the sense of identity he has built up. I've posted some examples of his work below for you to get your peepers on, and remember to check out his website here for more. Enjoy...