Monday, 27 June 2011

Justin Van Genderen

I came across some cool posters recently, not realising they were by Justin Van Genderen whom I've posted about before (he created some excellent minimalist star wars posters). I found an image he did of Superman's Fortress of Solitude inspired by the film Superman II, and taking another look at his website I found even more great work. I particularly liked his vintage car ads which include cars from various films. I've posted both the Superman images and the car images below for you to take a look at. I absolutely love them.
Like the Star Wars posters I mentioned before, his Superman images (a set of three) are again confidently minimalist, created in just black and white. For the fortress one, the use of cross-hatched straight lines in varying shades of white and grey really capture the reflective nature of the ice fortress, and the use of just a small superman logo at the bottom of each image, resembling a seal or branding, completes the images and confirms that they are from Superman.
As for the car ads, I again love their simplicity, the use of texture, the colours chosen, and the nice typography and use of quotes added in at the bottom. Check 'em out below.

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