Sunday, 27 June 2010

D&AD 2010

Yesterday I travelled down to London to check out the D&AD 2010 New Blood exhibition, showing work from lots of different universities. There was a bit of a buzz about the place with some cool markets and stalls going on outside, as well as all the fantastic work inside.

The quality of all the work on show was extremely high, but rather than being daunting, it left me feeling completely inspired! After looking at all of the illustration work on show, I was struck by the huge range of different styles and methods used, and also a lot of really great use of type in the work. I collected many a business card whilst looking around; which in themselves had been really beautifully designed, along with books and other things they had made to show off their work.

I'll just mention a couple of the artists of they I saw there, whose work I loved -

Luke Pearson from Loughborough Uni had some really cool work up, his work has a retro feel about it and his use of colour and shape is fantastic. After checking out his blog, you can see his eye for colour runs through most of his work.

Miff Weaver from Falmouth uni had some really great book covers on show. These again had a retro feel to them, and the simple design were really eye catching. If you check out his website you can see there is a definite 50's/60's influence to his drawings.

I'll post about some of the other great illustrators I saw soon, otherwise this will become a very long post!


  1. It looks like a great exhibition, I wish had the chance to get down myself and see it. I think seeing work of this calibur and broad range is much more inspiring!

    I would love to see some of the ephemera you collected from the show when we meet up for the summer project.

  2. So glad you could go Dom. It really opens your eyes to what you are up against and see outside of the Stockport bubble. Did you you hear about Chris Howker from Year 2? He won a D&AD award!