Friday, 9 July 2010

A New Project

So, after a few weeks off (and much sleeping), its time to get back to work with a new summer brief from uni. Drawing inspiration from Picasso's reinterpretations of  'Las Meninas' (1656) by Diego Valazquez, we were asked (in groups of 3) to pick a piece of work to reinterpret ourselves. So in collaboration with Rebecca and Megan, we will be reworking a tapestry called 'The Triumph of Fortitude', firstly by ourselves, and then we will exchange what we've done, and work from each others work.

'The Triumph of Fortitude' is a tapestry we found in The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. It's full of symbols and fantastic stories and imagery, which meant that hopefully theres a lot we can do with it; many angles to approach it from. So with that in mind, there is much research and sketching to be done! I think it's going to be really interesting to see what we come up with!
I'll post updates on the project over the next few weeks under code name 'Fortitude', but meanwhile, here's a photo of the tapestry for you to get your peepers round, and dont forget to check out the walker art gallery website here for more info, enjoy....


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