Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Things I have learnt... #2

So after completing my editorial illustration a couple of weeks ago, we were asked about things we had learnt from the project and which aspects we thought were successful, so I've posted my answers below along with the image I did. 

Things I have learnt....
It doesn't have to be literal for people to understand. - We did a bit of work on metaphors before the project  began, and whilst doing the editorial I was worried that any metaphors or interpretations I used might have been too many degrees away for people to understand. So it was about trying to find the balance between not being completely literal and just drawing a picture of something that is obvious or is described in the text, but also not being too far away from the essence of the article. I also learnt that maybe readers aren't looking for an image that they completely get, but just something that sparks an interest and makes them want to read the article.

Successful aspects....
I think the overall look of the piece came together quite well. I was a bit worried about drawing the figure as I tend to shy away from it, but I think keeping it quite simple worked quite well. There are bits that I think could be improved but I'm quite happy with how the colours and textures came together also.

I think the idea of the game and the polygraph read outs came together quite well, as I like the idea that there a couple of different layers to it, both cheating the game and the readouts, but also how it developed into being in his head; in his mind.

I think I could improve on the shape of the figure and how his brain fits into the line of his head, it jars just slightly for me.


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