Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer Project - Lunar Conspiracies

So in prep for a personal project when we go back to uni in September, I've been doing some work and research into a project on the first moon landing and subsequent conspiracy theories about it. I initially really wasn't sure what I wanted to look at for the project, but after a meeting and a few helpful emails with the tutors, my ideas moved from something to do with film posters that had a kind of minimalist 50's/60's look, through to the cold war, nuclear test sites and finally the space race and the first moon landing.
I quite like my history and post war developments in technology in the fifties and sixties is really interesting, so I thought that it would be cool to look into something I'm interested in learning about. Also reading some of the conspiracy theories and hoax claims is really interesting, they can be quite convincing! I'm not arguing either way, but its cool to see some of the things they have come up with.
Also I think that the scientific nature of this project, and the type of design going on at the time fits nicely with the type of design I like and the way I tend to work or hope to work, so hopefully I'll be able to create some cool stuff from it. So at the moment I've done a few little bits of work that I might post soon, and I want to try and include some typography of some sort into the project, but other than that I'll just see what happens.

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