Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Graphic Guru Event

So yesterday afternoon, our Stockport College 'Graphic Guru' event took place, where some successful illustrators that had graduated from Stockport in the past few years, returned to visit the 3rd years to have a chat, give some advice and talk to us about their experiences as working illustrators. The illustrators involved are Liam Bardsley, Chris Madden, Ben Jones, Rose Lloyd, Natalie Wood and Pete Adlington.
I really enjoyed having the opportunity to go around and have a chat with each of them and have a look at their work. Even in just the short amount of time we had with each illustrator, they were able to give us some really good tips and tell us about some of their experiences when it comes to art directors, portfolio visits, etc. We have also been put into groups of around 5 students and allocated an illustrator who will act as a kind of mentor for us throughout the year. After meeting them all and seeing their work I would have been happy to be placed with any one of them, and I've been given the talented Natalie Wood, which is really cool. The idea is that we'll be able to contact them throughout the year for advice or to chat about work; here's hoping we don't annoy them too much with questions!

I have shamelessly stolen the event poster image above from off the Stockport Illustration blog. Cheers Ian. The poster looked ace in print and was designed by Natalie Wood!

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