Saturday, 26 November 2011

'Red' by Oneedo


Ned Wenlock aka Oneedo created this animation music video for Jet Jaguar, which involves minimalist insects and flowers interacting. Ned describes on his vimeo page,-

"I was going through a minimal phase at the time and approached this as a digital nature documentary. I was interested in finding simple, graphic ways to animate insects, my favourite here being the light flys."

The simple designs of the elements are really cool, and remind of the work of Charley Harper; very flat and geometric. 

As I'm working on a short insect animation collaboration at the moment that is kind of in a similar 'flat' manner, its interesting to see how other people have animated insects, use of movement, shot choices etc. as well as how the visuals and music work together.

The more abstract use of flashing lights and strips of colour along with the electronic music is dichotomous with the images of nature and insects, but it works together really well and a great choice which makes it more visually interesting. It doesn't have to be realistic to make sense. Cool!

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