Saturday, 5 May 2012

Thoughtful - Portfolio Visit #9

Last week I went to see Stuart Price from Thoughtful design / Lost In The Forest fame, to show him my portfolio of work and get some feedback.

I hadn't been for a portfolio visit on my own for a while, as the ones in London were more like group ones, so it was nice to get into visiting people on my own again, even if it was just going to the other end of college! Interestingly, I felt a bit more nervous about it as I felt like because we are so close to graduating now, I should be visiting as if I were a professional and not just as a student going through the motions like it kind of was earlier in the year. Anyway, Stuart was really nice to talk to and I didn't feel nervous at all when he was going through my work which was good. He said that he thought the layout out of my folio was good, with the white space around the work. I don't think I've been to a visit yet where any ones had a problem with the layouts, and I think most of the class have used similar layouts, so I think we've all got a handle on that so far.

He seemed really happy with the standard of work I had in there, and asked me how I went about making it etc. He pointed out which he thought were the weaker pieces, e.g. my tram image, so maybe I can replace it in the future when I have new work. He also mentioned there might not be any need for the photos of my album cover in there, especially as I had a hard copy of that with me. I mentioned that I wanted to take out the origami/newsletter piece because I thought it least reflected how I'm working at the moment, but he said that he liked that piece and that it showed a different way of working. Throughout portfolios visits, there seems to have been varying opinions over whether having multiple ways of working in your portfolio is a good or bad thing. Some people have said that it shows that you can be diverse and work in different ways, and other have said that it can confuse clients as to what sort of work they might receive from you. I've kind of come to the conclusion that tailoring your portfolio or having multiple folios depending on who you're showing it might be the way to go, which I had never really thought of doing at the start of the year.

Overall the visit went really well, and Stuart was really positive and encouraging which was great. I'd really love to work with those guys in the future, so I'll try and keep in touch etc. Thanks!



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