Sunday, 8 July 2012

Unleashed: The Best in the North

So a while back, some of our illustration class, including myself, submitted work to the Unleashed: Best in the North Illustration competition. The competition is looking for the best student illustration in the North, and accepted work from 11 universities (ranging from Birmingham to Edinburgh), with a total of 138 submissions in all.

The competition shortlisted 24 works to be sold at auction, and also puts all pieces in a catalogue to be sold to raise money for the Northwest Air Ambulance charity, as well as the students themselves, with the money raised from selling a piece of work being split 50/50 between the student and the charity; smiles all round!

All work submitted is currently in the exhibition at Mr Thomas's Chop House in Manchester, so get over there and have a look! All pieces are for sale also!

I was really excited to find out that 2 of my pieces of work had been shortlisted and are to be sold in the upcoming auction on Thursday 19th July, and are also in the running to win bronze, silver or gold. Work by fellow Stockport students (now graduates) Kris Sale, Holly McLoughlin and Laura Gilbert was also shortlisted, and loads more from Stockport are in the exhibition and for sale in the catalogue.

My pieces:

Anyway, I think us shortlisted folk will be heading down to the auction/award night, which is really exciting, and hopefully lots of money will be raised for charity (..and ourselves)!

Check out the Facebook page here for more info on this years competition and exhibition!

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