Saturday, 24 November 2012

The World's Fair: Virtual Future

I recently submitted a piece of work to a group exhibition hosted by Ben Kither and Sarah Stapleton of OWT Creative, at Vault/Cord Bar in Manchester.

The name of the exhibition was Manchester World's Fair 2012, and creatives were invited to submit a piece of work, in any form, on the theme of "the distant future of our planet".

I've posted the piece of work I submitted below, along with my initial drawing.

The idea behind my image was about how our lives are becoming more and more intertwined with digital technology, so my idea for the theme was that we'd be experiencing the world through digital means rather than physically. 

I also wanted to throw in a few retro elements such as an old fashioned paper ECG machine and a slightly battered bed, as I like the idea that people would be creating their own illegal virtual reality set ups at home with whatever medical equipment they could get their hands on..

Here is a photo of my piece at the exhibition, next to a stunner by Mr Kris Sale.


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