Friday, 8 October 2010

Make a Product...

So, I've been busy the past couple of weeks working on a couple of different projects, one was a product design brief and the other a narrative brief. Product first then eh....

With only 4 weeks to come up and make a finished product, I made a decision early on to carry on from my summer project, along the lines of animals. Trying to bring a bit of logic into play, I thought that an appropriate product to apply the idea to would be baby/children's clothes, but rather than go in the cutesy/fluffy direction that most babies clothes go, I wanted to create a relatively high-end look (alas I am a poor student!) to the clothes by using some slightly more graphic designs, and employing a neutral and more natural colour scheme to both the clothes and the packaging.

I've posted some photos below of both the baby grows and the packaging I came up with. The animal designs developed and became slightly more sophisticated than what I had done over the summer, and stenciling them by hand meant I could play with different tones of black and grey. I also found the packaging really exciting to look at, and found some inspiration from the packaging website , check it out if you can..and my photos below!


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