Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Narrative.....in a sewer...

So, another brief that i recently completed was to create a narrative sequence based on or inspired by a given photograph. The photograph I received was of a sewer/tunnel, so I used it to set the tone and location of my narrative.
I definitely found it quite a challenge to come up with a narrative that I thought would be either interesting or funny or had some sort of story to follow and it not be solely about the visuals. So after a little bit of research I thought it would be interesting to go along the lines of some of the myths and legends that have cropped up about sewers and underground tunnels. One of the most famous myths was about alligators living in the New York sewer system, so I came up with the idea of someone hunting this mythical creature, which I thought would make an interesting narrative to follow through, and also give the opportunity for a conclusion at the end, as I definitely wanted it to be a mix of visual and content. 
In terms of working method, this was the first time I had created imagery almost entirely digitally, so it was definitely an experiment! From my final images, I can see a lot of things I would like to improve upon, and at the top of the list is definitely my people drawing skills. I struggle with drawing people and getting them to look "right" (whatever that means!). I think with more time I would have been able to come up with a figure that fit more coherently with the rest of the images. 
Anyway, I've posted them below for you to take a butchers at....
(give 'em a click to make them massive like)

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