Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Warriors

Whilst browsing the web looking for the poster for one of my favourite films, The Warriors, I found a few cool versions created by different illustrators. It seems to be one of those films people like to make their own posters for, probably because there is just something cool about the film. I guess I would describe it as a cult film, made in 1979 and set in New York city. It follows a gang call 'the warriors' as they try to get across the city, passing through the territories of loads of different gangs. Although the film looks a bit dated now, what i love about it is the simple story, and all the different gangs and their amazing costumes, who literally just hang around all wearing the same clothes. There are real distinctions and differences created between them with their names and clothes, and they visually look great. I mean who wouldn't want to dress up as a raging baseball player with face paint?.......no? just me? Anyway, I posted some of the different posters I found below, including one by someone I looked at last year, Tom Whalen, who I'll post about separately soon......

(p.s. check out the film if you can, or even the game.........then go buy me a baseball furies t-shirt.)

Original Movie Poster
Tom Whalen

Tomer Hanuka

Eric Tan
Tyler Stout

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