Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Neighbourhood: Portfolio Visit #5

Last week, I went into to The Neighbourhood, an animation and design studio in Manchester, to show them my portfolio. Creative Director Jon Humphreys and Designer/Animator Chris Moran had kindly spared some time to see me which I definitely appreciated so close to Christmas. 
As with other portfolio visits, I just went through my portfolio explaining what each piece of work was about. I showed them the pieces that I had in print, such as the 'transformation' newsletter, which they said did look better printed up big. This was also my first opportunity to show someone my finished children's book, which I wasn't sure if people would see the link between the book and my portfolio work. Thankfully they were generally positive about my portfolio and didn't really have any specific negatives about any of the pieces.
I had a quick chat with them about the projects I am working on at the moment and mentioned my interest in animation and the scarab animation collab I'm working on at the moment. They mentioned that they had seen work from moving image students from Stockport, but hadn't really seen much from the graphics or illustration courses; I was the first from illustration to go in.
Overall, the visit was pretty positive, and Chris sent me a really helpful AE tutorial for character animation to help me get started animating my work even more, which I'll hopefully have a go at over Christmas. Cheers!

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