Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nobrow : Portfolio Visit #4

Whilst I was at the Leeds Thought Bubble Festival, I was able to go and speak to Alex Spiro of Nobrow and show him my portfolio.They had a stall up in the main hall, and also gave a talk that I went to, about what they do and how they started out.

Firstly, I took my portfolio to show Alex, and I mentioned that although it was a comic con, I didn't have an comic work to show him! He seemed pleased to have an illustration portfolio to look at, and was impressed with the presentation and layout of the folio (thanks again Ian), so that was a good start. He went through the work quite quickly and didn't really have anything bad to say. He liked the lie detector editorial illustration and said it did the job well, and again appreciated seeing it context with the type and layout. As I've said before, this seems to definitely be something that people like to see; work in print or in an appropriate layout so they can see how it would work.
Overall, he said it was a strong portfolio, and I spoke to him about what he thought of having a variety of different work in a portfolio. He said this was definitely a good thing as generally most of your work won't be for just one thing, and its good to show that you can apply your work or style to a variety of different media. He also said that it would definitely be helpful to join the AOI because they have a lot of contacts available for work, as well as workshops and help with pricing and the legal side of things. I knew that the AOI did offer help etc, but I just hadn't gotten around to looking into it, so this is something I might try and do over Christmas.  

He was a really nice guy and I definitely appreciated his input and advice. Thanks!

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