Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fish Tank: The Grinch

Just before Christmas, I was given the opportunity to create an illustration to apply to the glass office - fish tank- of Manchester design agency Music. Music are running a fish tank project, getting different illustrators in to do temporary designs on the glass windows. Each design is based on a song, and I chose to do The Grinch Song, as it's Christmas based but also has a slightly sinister tone to it which I liked.
Using posca pens it took about 4 full days in all, spread over a couple of weeks, and was a bit of a learning curve as I'd never used the pens before, and I haven't done much free hand drawing as my work is often quite geometric and grid based. But it was fun, and thanks go to Matt, Kris, Tom and Stu for helping me out, and Ed and Craig for the opportunity. Cheers! 

Below is a coloured up version of the main window design, and some photos of sections up on the glass....

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