Friday, 3 February 2012

Manchester Museum : Bug Art

Last Saturday, all of us 3rd year illustration students took part in the Big Saturday event at Manchester Museum, entitled 'Bug Art'. Since last year we have all been working on various illustrated responses and activities to chosen insects, such as posters, games, worksheets, masks and animations. We took these to the event on Saturday, for children and families to look at and interact with to learn about the insects. Overall the day was a big success and it was really busy with lots of kids and families coming to see what we had done. 

Starting last year, I'd been working on a short animation with the help of Tom Mathieson, to visually represent some of the Egyptian history of the Scarab beetle. The idea of the animation was to reveal some of the rich history of an insect, which from the look of it, might seem to most as rather insignificant or less special than other insects. The Egyptians regarded the beetle as sacred, relating to their sun God, and even used carved scarabs as amulets, placed over the hearts of mummies to protect them in the afterlife. 

We will hopefully be making a few improvements to the animation and adding sound at some point, but for now check out the animation below, along with a couple of still images of the beetle and what not.......enjoy.

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