Thursday, 10 March 2011

Final Wellspring Piece

So we have reached the deadline for the Wellspring project newspaper, and I have to say everyone's work for it is looking fantastic! Can't wait to see it in print.

So my page was about about the centre being 'open 365 days a year'. I decided to keep mine quite simple and typography based, using keys to have that link to openness and doors being open. 
It didn't really change much from my digital rough really. I scanned it a lot of different keys to play around with and swapped some different ones in to have a range of different shapes. I also added some different textures and played with the shading to give it more contrast on the white background to make it less flat and stand out. There were a few changes with the type to make it more readable, and then the addition of a few small shapes in the keyring holes to represent some of the different aspects/services of the Wellspring centre. I wasn't to sure if it was better or not with these shapes added because I didn't want them to be too obvious,  but we went with it in the end as it just added another layer and made it more interesting. I've posted both versions below along with the rough.

I'm pretty happy with the final piece. There was a point where I was seeing other people doing these really gorgeous full images with people and type etc, and it made me worry that mine was too simple. But I kind of realised that I had a different concept and I think I took it as far as I could. Mine is primarily about the type I was given and I wanted to get it on there BIG, and just wanted to find an interesting way of showing it. It is quite simple, but it's a simple idea. Also I think it's good that it doesn't really lose anything with being in black and white, which is something I kept in mind all the way through. I think it should look ok if it doesn't print out too dark. 
There will also be a small text box added at the bottom, and a name credit at the side, so I'll try and post that if I can get a copy.
Finally, we'll be trying to sell a few of these soon, with all proceeds going to the Wellspring, so keep yours peepers open! 24 full page illustrations - bargain!

Give 'em a click to make them bigger


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