Sunday, 6 March 2011

Alien Corset

We went down to the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester last week and and there were absolutely loads of really cool posters on display/for sale. I always love having a look around the gallery when I go into Manchester.

Anyway, they had for sale there these really cool film posters by Alien Corset aka David O'Daniel, who creates screen printed posters for the Castro Theatre in San Fransisco. The theatre is a really old cinema built in 1922 and primarily shows old films. 
I really love these sci-fi futuristic posters that David created for a triple showing on one night. The circuit board type pattern and the simple idea of just showing a character or a few elements is really cool, and looks particularly good when printed in black and silver. Give 'em a click to make them bigger, and check out David's blog here.

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