Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wellspring Ideas

At uni at the moment we are working on putting together a black and white newspaper of illustrations to sell on behalf of The Wellspring, a charity run centre for homeless and disadvantaged people, based in Stockport. Each student in the class has been given a page to illustrate, and mine is about the centre being 'open 365 days a year'. We had a meeting on Tuesday with the manager of the centre, to show him some of the ideas we had come up with. I have posted some of the roughs I put together below. 

As my pencil roughs were really bad and unspecific, I put some stuff together digitally as that's usually when I make my decisions about composition, and really helps me when it come to trying out different bits of type. It also made it easy for me to see which ones worked and which didn't. 

I tried to think of different ways/objects that represented things being open, rather than drawing a picture of the centre or something like that. Because the newspaper will be black and white I played around with the idea of light and dark, and light coming through doorways to show a welcoming atmosphere. I also looked at different objects such as a cup of tea being a symbol of a welcoming environment, and also the idea of locks and keys.

We ruled out some of them for various reasons, and I'm currently working on developing the one with the keys, working on different shapes, colour (shades of black/grey)  and experimenting with the type more. I'll keep you posted! Sorry blogging pun....

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