Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Imagery for

So a few weeks ago my sister Jennifer Byron was redesigning her photography website and asked me to create some sort of imagery to include on it, with the only requirements being that it had some sort of connection to photography and that it followed the colour scheme. She liked an image I had done of an art deco style box camera so we decided to incorporate some more of that style of design. With that in mind I decided to create a sort of logo out of some art deco style camera designs, that would sit nicely at the side and not detract too much from the photography. The website is quite bright and clean, so I also re-did the website title, using a font that reminded me of those signs made of light bulbs, and tried to tie the elements together with some lines and arrows.

To keep everything  pretty similar I have redone some of the contact link icons that link to different networking sights, email, flickr, etc. 

I've posted the imagery below, and you can check some of it out, as well as her work over at Jennifer Byron Photography (still under construction!)

P.S.  feel free to get in contact with her for any sort of photo shoot you want and she'll sort you out!

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