Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gavin Potenza

I came across the website of illustrator and designer Gavin Potenza a while back and really loved his work. He's based in New York and works freelance, creating illustrations, infographics and maps; as well as co-running design studio Script and Seal.
I really love his bold illustrations, with confident use of colour and some nice geometric qualities with the use of circles and lines etc. He also uses some subtle texture throughout which I really like and try to use in my own work; it gives it a slight hand-made, printed quality rather than a digital one. I'm not sure exactly how he makes his images but they seem like maybe a mix of digital and hand-made in some instances.
Anyway, I've posted some if his work below, a variety of illustrations and some really cool and imaginative infographics, and don't forget to check out his website here. Enjoy.


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