Monday, 22 August 2011

Marius Roosendaal - MSCED

I recently saw some work by designer Marius Roosendaal, for a project he's been working on called 'Make Something Cool Everyday' (MSCAD). This is how he describes the project:

"Throughout 2011 I will do something creative each day. 
In most cases this will be some piece of graphic design on a 
subject that stirs my interests, 
or simply based on a photograph I've made or found."

I've heard of designers doing similar projects before, but what I really loved about his project is the type of stuff he was creating. Although primarily graphic design, I really love his use of colour, shape and pattern in some instances. His pieces are very graphic with strong line and shape, and make me think a bit of old fashioned sci-fi book covers, especially as some have a nice old paper quality to them, as well as strong typography. I've posted a few of his pieces below for you to get your peepers on. I think these kind of link in with my Lunar project, in the sense that they do have a sci-fi, futuristic/science look about them, and some actually feature astronauts, planets etc.
Remember to check out his site here, and his MSCAD site here. Enjoy. 

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