Tuesday, 16 August 2011

LOVE. Creative Placement

So, back at the start of June, I spent a month at the LOVE. Creative studio in Manchester doing a work placement, along with 3 other students from uni; Helen Porter, Jack Maguire and Tom Mathieson. It was really good of them to allow us some space in the studio, and it was really cool being right in the centre of Manchester.

Whilst I can't talk about any of the exciting projects they were working on whilst we were there, I can say that everyone there was really nice, and we were able to help out with a bit of research and some photo taking now and then. We were able to dedicate time to working on our own projects which was good, and speaking for myself, I don't think I've ever spent 9 til 5 working solely on one project or piece of work, so it was good to have the opportunity to work like that with no distractions.

Whilst I was there I did a bit of research for both my dissertation and personal project, worked on an image for the Lett's diary competition (which wasn't so good), sorted out some stuff for my blog, worked on a version of the LOVE. logo, sorted a pdf portfolio and got some help from Tom and Jack with my 8x8 animation, which I blogged about recently.

This is the LOVE. logo that Steve asked me to have a go at. The logo itself, the bold type, is their actual logo, so I had a go at adding some colour and decoration to it. I tried to keep it bold, and had a bit of a play around. I wasn't really sure what to draw for it, so I ended with a kind of retro, pinball machine theme.

I really enjoyed going with the other students as it was really cool to see what they were getting up to and the sort of things they were doing on the other pathways!
I've posted some photos below of us all in the studio, courtesy of Jack. Also a picture of us all as bakewell tarts, and next to giant farmer.....who knows where they came from....
There's also a photo of the face cake we got for the guys there on the last day, which they blogged about here, so go check it out!
So thanks to Steve and everyone at LOVE. for letting us spend a month there and see what they were up to! And to Tom, Jack and Helen for making it so much fun!


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