Friday, 9 March 2012

From Student to Designer....

Yesterday, we had a day of talk on the subject of money, and how to make the transition from student to professional designer over the next few months. In the morning, two accountants came in and gave a presentation on how to setup our own business or become self employed, as well as paying taxes and book keeping, and other things like having a good business structure.

Later on, Ian gave a talk on being a freelance illustrator specifically, so this included info on working with art directors, copyright and licensing issues, fees, pro and cons of having an agent, etc.It was really good to get a basic knowledge of some of the stuff we should be aware of when we try and get commissions in the future, and how to deal with some of the legal issues that might arise.

He also spoke a little bit about self promotion and different ways of doing it, with mail outs, emails, phone calls etc., and of course online portfolio's. So on that note, here's mine . It needs some improvement but it'll suffice until I have time to sort it.

Finally, here is a link to an interesting article on pricing from illustrator/typographer Jessica Hische; definitely opens your eyes to the complexities of pricing your work....

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