Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nobrow - London: Portfolio Visit #7

Illustration by Luke Pearson, from site here

Last week we went on a uni trip down to London for a couple of days, so we had the opportunity to meet with people in the industry to get some feedback on our portfolio's. Four of us took the opportunity to go and visit Nobrow at their shop in Shoreditch, where Sam Arthur spared some time to have a look at our work. Nobrow are renowned for their high quality self published books and magazines, more often than not featuring work by illustrators, both well established and new up and coming talent, and also sell a range of prints, tshirts, toys, etc.

When looking through my folio he mentioned which pieces he thought worked better than others, such as my 8x8 dinosaur-man piece, and ones that didn't work as well. He stressed to all of us the importance of having some consistency in your portfolio as it gives whoever's looking at your work a strong idea of what they will be getting if they hire you. He also mentioned to us all, that if we're showing our work to print-based art directors, to maybe not including installation or photographed 3D work as its not something they would be looking for. Perhaps tailoring your portfolio to who you will be showing it too is a good idea, which isn't really something I'd thought about before.

Another point he made was that it doesn't really matter how many pieces of work you have in your portfolio, and that it might be better to have fewer really good pieces of work that you love, rather than more pieces of varying quality.

Overall he gave us some good advice and some things for us to think about when we are trying to get work in the future, so it was a valuable visit! Thanks Sam!

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