Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Silver Screen Society

I've been following the Silver Screen Society blog for a while now, so thought I'd do a post about it. The blog is run by Trevor Basset and Brandon Schaefer, and features new work every month by a range of artists/illustrators, all responding to a chosen film. They describe it as taking inspiration from monthly book clubs, but instead picking a new film each month. I love watching films and this is a fantastic way of mixing films with illustration and is something I'd love to have a go at myself when I've got time. Check out the blog here, and I've posted a few cool images from the blog below.....check it out....

"The project’s roots lie in the book clubs of yore, with each month
bringing a new film and a continuous stream of contributors that
carry with
them their own unique interpretations and ideas." - Silver Screen Society

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