Monday, 16 April 2012

Angler Pod

The deep sea angler fish uses bioluminescence as a lure for food, creating light in a place natural sunlight can't reach and a point of attraction for various creatures.

Astronauts use stars and the sun in particular as a method of guidance and plotting their distance from Earth.

Light is a guide.

Above is my initial sketch of the fish based on two circles; a large one for the body and a smaller one for the light. I found it quite hard to get this image to look the way I wanted, and was having some trouble with the fish in particular, so I might change some parts of it yet, and probably need to add some more clues to the idea of the star guidance system, and maybe some more information to suggest the huge size difference between the fish and a space shuttle/pod.

I'm in the process of thinking about some text to accompany my FMP images, either some technical info about the idea I'm trying to illustrate within the picture, or something more abstract such as some fictional quotes relating to space/underwater or it's been suggested that some biblical verse could work quite well with the light/dark, heaven/hell aspects of the project.

Leave a comment below if you feel the urge, and I'm open to suggestions for text....

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