Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bugs Project

So on Tuesday we had a quick one day project set by some of the HND graphics students. We had to create an image for a poster advertising a bug/germ spray cleaner that was meant to be safe to use around children and made of natural ingredients. The tag line on the poster was '...send them packing!' so we had to take that into account also.
In all we had about 4-5 hours from first seeing the brief until the deadline, needless to say my image wasn't great. Because of the tag line I started thinking of different types of transport that I could have the germs leaving in, and I also was trying to think of a way of showing that the natural ingredients were forcing them to leave. I had to make a decision pretty quickly, so I ended up with the idea of showing the germs in a rocket, surrounded by lots of harsh weather; wind, rain and lightening, to represent the forces of nature and the natural ingredients, and to have the lightening sparking the fuse to the rocket.
I think that the idea was ok, but because of time restraints, the execution of the image just wasn't good. The overall quality of the image, composition and readablility definitely suffered. When I see the word advert I think I sometimes get a bit confused by what I should be doing because adverts are often funny or clever, or have great metaphors, or some just include the product in some form, so I'm not even sure if I was going down the right road with my idea.
The only bit I actually quite like is the rope/wick with the sparks on the end; I think that turned out ok. I like the idea of using a rocket for something so I might have another go at it in some other form in the future.
Anyway, I've posted the image below, don't judge it too harshly!


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