Thursday, 12 May 2011

Illustration Newsletter

Earlier this year I submitted a load of rough ideas for the college illustration newsletter, based around the theme of 'Transformation'. The image had to be in one colour, so most of my ideas were bold central images, some with typography. I think I emailed in about 13 different ideas to do with transformation, from butterflies, origami, evolution, and superheroes to scientific changes, werewolves and Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde. Jo liked the idea of using origami to represent transformation, and it became a bit of a collaboration between me and Jo as she helped me develop it from the initial rough through to the final image. 
The image went through a lot of changes, and went from a more simple image of some origami, through to a more conceptual image that involved showing all the stages of the folds of an origami crane. I also originally had some typography at the bottom, and it also went through a colour change from a dark blue, referencing blue print type drawings, to a leaf green colour to represent changes in nature, as blue had been used before. 
I've posted some images below showing the changes it went through from rough to final. The newsletter has been sent off to print so it'll be interesting to see this printed up to size!


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