Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Graduate Visits

I'm running a bit late with this, but earlier this year a few illustration graduates from Stockport College came back to talk to us about their work and what they'd been up to since leaving university. I think we all really appreciate being able to talk to some illustrators who had very recently graduated as it gave us a sense of what it might be like for us in about a years time.
I managed to go around have a quick chat with most of the guys that visited, and I think there were about 6 in total. I've posted examples of their work below, along with links to their respective websites. Enjoy.


All of these illustrators that came in were all great to talk to and open about their experiences of the industry. One of the main things that struck me was that many of them had only had a few commissions since leaving uni (which was fantastic!) and were still holding down their days jobs for the money, but as their work was of such a fantastically high standard it just made it really clear how hard we'll have to work to get commissions, and how much I really need to up my game in terms of volume of work, and the overall quality of the work I do. My work is no way near as good as these guys'! Anyway, check out their websites by giving their names a click!  *click-click*


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