Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Folio Agency - Q&A

I recently emailed Folio Illustration Agency to ask a few questions about how an agency works, and what exactly they do for their illustrators, and Lydia Jane from Folio got back to me with some great answers!
Folio is a long established illustration and design agency, and represents a lot of fantastic illustrators working in many different ways, so it was very helpful to get some information from them about how an agency works.
I've posted the questions and answers below for you all to take a look at, thanks again Lydia!

1. How does an agency such as Folio go about promoting and finding work for the illustrators/artists they represent?

Mailouts, portfolio viewing with clients, social media, reputation.

2. Do you actively look for illustrators to recruit or do they get into contact with you?

Generally speaking illustrators come to us. However, we are always on the look out for new talent at degree shows, industry events etc

3. Is it important for you that illustrators have a consistant look or 'style' to their work so that clients know what to expect? Do you represent any illustrators who work in various ways?

Illustrators are recognised and sold on their 'style' so yes consistency is very important. However we do represent some very talented illustrators who have mastered their techniques in a wide variety of traditional and digital outputs.

4. Do you take on more than one person who work in similar ways?

We try not to. It wouldn't be fair on the artists as they would be in direct competition for jobs.

5. How much contact do you generally have with your artists, both in person and over the phone/email?

Nowadays we are in regular contact with our artist via email. We represent quite a few artist abroad so it tends to be the most convenient. However, we always like a good chat on the phone and our London artists pop in from time to time too.

6. Do you help the illustrators with the business side of the work, e.g pricing, setting up contracts with clients, copyright issues etc ?

All part of the job description.

7. What do you look for in a good portfolio of work, both in terms of work featured and how it's presented?

Unique, memorable, eye-catching work. Quality of finish. Commercial quality.


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