Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Central Illustration Agency - Q&A

I recently emailed a couple of different illustration/design agencies to find out a little bit more about how they work and what they do for their illustrators (as I don't know much about it!), and Alicja McCarthy from Central Illustration Agency got back to me superfast with some great little answers!
I've posted her answers to my questions below for you guys to get your peepers on. Thanks Alicja!

1. How does an agency such as Central Illustration Agency go about promoting and finding work for the illustrators/artists they represent?

Social Media & PR (twitter, fb, blogs, inc mags such as CR & DW) 

2. Do you actively look for illustrators to recruit or do they mostly get into contact with you?

We don't actively seek artists, we get 10-15 submissions a day. If we stumble upon an artists on or off line we grab 'em! 

3. Is it important for you that illustrators have a consistant look or 'style' to their work so that clients know what to expect? Do you represent any illustrators who work in various ways?

A style is what an illustrator is commissioned for... you'll notice that our artists all have distinctive styles, jack-of-all-trades don't really work. 

4. Do you take on more than one person who work in similar ways?

As a rule no, we don't encourage competition between our artists, however, you'll notice we rep. 2 pastiche artists (Mark Thomas & Mick Brownfield). They are both consistently busy, and if one cannot do a job, we'll ask the other. 

5. How much contact do you generally have with your artists, both in person and over the phone/email?

Daily, also depends on the jobs we're working on... we see each other at least once a year for an artists Christmas party too, and regularly get visits from the gang... which is nice. 

6. Do you help the illustrators with the business side of the work, e.g pricing, setting up contracts with clients, copyright issues etc. ?

That's exactly what an agent does... and some.

7. What do you look for in a good portfolio of work, both in terms of work featured and how it's presented?

Consistency, talent, and yes, a good looking folio helps... as does a personal website.


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